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Meet the artisans

Mind-blowing creative enthusiast

Believes that guitar is the best for every situation!

An essential for making any day a great day- Yoga!


The King of numbers and Excel

Multitasking is his lifestyle

No step without headphones!


Relaxing in nature

Scheduling by Moon Calendar

As calm as belgian!



Trust in the World

Miracles = everyday adventure!


Loves to tell awe-inspiring stories

Adores surprises!

Believes that you get served what you deserve!

We believe, and I think you will agree, that magic fills an important spiritual need. Practical products are great, but they are just that. They fill a practical need. What people truly crave is something that can elevate them above the routines and practicalities of daily ‘regular life’. That’s why, after finding our way to the secret town of kind spirits, we decided to share our findings with the world – Cozywood

Cozywood’s magical creature are not, however, the magic of naïve fairy-tales. It’s a practical kind of magic, a type of magic that actually works, and empowers you. A set of daily practical rituals that allows you to cope better with daily challenges, helps sharpen your mind and imagination, gives you the inner strength to realize your goals and dreams, and fills your life with powerful positive emotions.
You know, it’s hard to focus with all the dragons and time-bending creatures wondering about and causing all kinds of shenanigans.

Let‘s meet us! We are the artisans behind the magical lifestyle accessories, the cursed souls stuck between two worlds. Find out how we are handling this situation.

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